Cheap, Fast or Good - You Can Pick Only Two!

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If you're familiar with project management, you undoubtedly know about the Project Triangle. It illustrates how for any product or service - timeline, quality and cost are interrelated.


It is very hard, if not impossible, to optimize all three. Something has to give!

  • Looking for a service quickly and inexpensively - you're not going to get high quality.
  • Looking for a high quality service quickly - it will not be cheap.
  • Looking for a high quality service for a low fee - your project will take a long time to complete. (You won't be a priority and will be scheduled behind higher paying customers.)

So, does the saying "cheap, fast or good - you can pick only two" apply to home staging services? Of course it does!   Beware of any company stating that they can provide high quality, quick service for a low rate.

If cheap and fast are your prerogative, the quality of your service will suffer. The old adage stays true - you get what you pay for.

Carolina Spaces is a full-service professional home staging company that uses only insured movers and insured Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP) and Accredited Staging Professional Masters (ASPM). Our furnishings are new from the factories. We do not use garage sale, flea market, or used discarded and dated furnishings (where you run the risk of bedbug infestation). We specialize in quick scheduling and fast completion with superior results!    So, if you picked "fast" and "good" - you're in excellent hands with Carolina Spaces!

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Joan Inglis

Joan Inglis is an Accredited Professional Staging Master® and is owner of Carolina Spaces, LLC - an award winning home staging, model merchandising, and interior design company that serves all of North Carolina and South Carolina.