It’s an honor for Joan Inglis to frequently be contacted by the media for Home Staging and Design tips and information. “I really appreciate the many reporters who contact me because they are seeking accurate information,” she said.

Joan’s award winning company Carolina Spaces LLC is recently featured in both The North Carolina Association of Realtors Insight Magazine, and The Charlotte Observer newspaper.

More than 30,000 Realtors® in North Carolina receive Insight Magazine. “We are proud to have been the NC Home Staging Professional selected to be featured from the thousands of NC individuals offering home staging services,” Joan said.

Joan received a 2-page spread “Making a House a Home” by Bridget McCrea published in Insight Magazine Spring 2014 issue featuring several photographs that highlight her Staging work.

The Charlotte Observer serves the Charlotte, NC Region which includes parts of SC. The Observer has a circulation of over 200,000 and a popular online presence. Carolina Spaces was selected to be featured in the Observer’s August 9, 2014 Real Estate Column “60-Minute Décor” by Allen Norwood. “We were chosen to provide educated, current information to the Charlotte Region readership,” said Joan.

Joan Inglis has been featured dozens of times on TV, online, and in print. She has won numerous state, regional, and local awards since forming her company Carolina Spaces in 2004. Joan reigns as the Charlotte Region’s leading expert in Home Staging, Model Home Merchandising and Interior Design. Joan provides professional presentations and speaking engagements to enhance educational programs for Realtors®, homebuilders and investors. Contact her at 1-855-SPACES-5.

You can read the recent articles here:

“60-Minute Décor” by Allen Norwood

“Making a House a Home” by Bridgett McCrea

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Carolina Spaces has been featured in the Charlotte Observer!

"Joan Inglis has seen it over and over during her two-decade home staging career: homeowners trying to sell but unable to see their houses as products.

They don’t repaint the purple-walled kids’ room. They leave the tricycle in the driveway and old towels hanging in the bathroom. They don’t step back and look at their homes through the eyes of a potential buyer..."

Read the entire article here...

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What do you charge?  What is the price of your services?  How much is this going to cost me?

Carolina Spaces' professional staging services are priced according to the individual property's needs.  No two homes are exactly alike.  Each home has its own unique needs.

In order to provide an exact figure for our hands-on lived-in home staging or our vacant home staging services, we must first physically visit the property to evaluate and form a staging plan.  Our plan to prepare the home for sale will enable it to be shown to prospective buyers at its fullest potential.

A good rule of thumb is to expect to pay 1 to 3 percent of the list price when budgeting for a professional home stager to fully stage your house.

Of course there are bargain stagers out there - with minor qualifications or none at all - who stage with furnishings from flea markets,  garage sales, and thrift and resale stores.  You risk poor results and your money down the drain, or worse!  Used furniture can be a harbinger of bedbugs. According to NBC's What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs, "Do not buy used furniture (especially bedding items or upholstered items)."

Carolina Spaces only stages with new-from-the-factory high-end furnishings, which reflect favorably on your quality product - your home! We want the same end result - a fast sale for the highest sales price possible.

Contact us for Professional Home Staging throughout North Carolina & South Carolina

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The best tip that I can give a homeowner who is interested in selling their home is to first hire a professional Home Stager to give you a consultation. By professional, I don’t mean someone with a flair for decorating or someone who thinks they learned Home Staging from watching HGTV. An Accredited Staging Professional® has invested in specialized education and their goal should be to provide sellers with the best possible service. Carolina Spaces offers nationwide assistance with finding a qualified ASP®.

A professional can be expected to evaluate your property with a trained eye and focus on things that would be a distraction to buyers. The Home Stager’s job during a consultation is to make educated recommendations for changing, rearranging, removing, adding, packing, storing, and possibly painting and updating. After the consultation, the homeowner is expected to complete the recommendations prior to listing the home for sale for the best and fastest results.

Once the homeowner has the staging recommendations, he/she might need some organizational help with sorting and packing belongings. The homeowner might also need a moving team and truck to haul excess items to a donation site or a storage facility. A larger-scale professional Home Staging company should be able to assist with these needs at an added cost.

Beyond the common tips of - “reduce clutter, remove personalized items, and keep your home clean and odor-free”- exists the specialized knowledge of furniture placement most beneficial to traffic flow and highlighting each room’s features. This is crucial to prepare a home for showing and it is rare for a homeowner with an emotional attachment to their home to complete their own staging project without professional assistance.

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