A seller has control over two factors when selling their home, the price of the house and how the home looks. Staging your home will help you to sell your home faster and save you money! The following are the statistics for the number of days on the market for homes staged by Carolina Spaces versus number of days on the market for an un-staged home.

Carolina Spaces - 5 days

Charlotte Region - 53 days

Columbia Area - 77 days

North Carolina - 62 days

South Carolina - 74 days

Realtors commonly recommend a price reduction of 5% to 10% after the home has been on the market for several weeks. The cost of staging your home will be LESS than your first price reduction!

95% of ASP staged homes sell on average of 23 days or less.

Stages homes are 83% less time on marketBased upon a survery conducted by The International Association of Home Staging Professionals® and StagedHomes.com® of over 1,000 homes (62% Vacant, 38% Occupied) across the Continental US and Canada prepared for sale by Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP®) in today's market.

Return on staging investment

Carolina Spaces is honored to provide our award winning home staging to all cities in North Carolina, South Carolina and eastern Georgia including: Charlotte, NC; Lake Norman, NC; Huntersville, NC; Concord, NC; Asheville, NC; Winston-Salem, NC; Greensboro, NC; Raleigh, NC; Wilmington, NC; Lake Wylie, SC; Fort Mill, SC; Rock Hill, SC; Columbia, SC; Myrtle Beach, SC; Charleston, SC; Florence, SC; Greenville, SC; Spartanburg, SC; Augusta, GA and Savannah, GA.