Joan Inglis, owner and lead designer of Carolina Spaces, LLC - a home staging, model home merchandising and interior design firm based in South Carolina near Charlotte, NC - shared her expertise in two informative seminars on model home merchandising at the recent 21st Century Building Expo and Conference in Charlotte, NC.

Both of Joan's presentations were geared towards helping builders sell more homes. The first, a lively panel discussion "Design Panel: Sell More Homes With Strategic Design Choices" discussed the latest trends in model home merchandising and home plan design. Topics included thoughtful space planning, fads vs. trends in model home merchandising, interior home plan amenities that matter to buyers, and multi-generational home plan design and merchandising.

In her second presentation, the informative seminar "Upcoming Color and Design Trends to Sell More Homes," Joan discussed the up-and-coming colors and trends that builders should use in their properties. From fixtures to decor, Joan's expert advice helps builders make sure their product stands out and outlasts the competition.

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